Professor Gui Yonghao is the Vice President of Fudan University, Dean of Shanghai Medical College. He is the member of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, the former President of Chinese Pediatric Society of Chinese Medical Association, the Vice Chairman of Shanghai Association for Science and Technology, the director of Ministry of Health Key Laboratory of Neonatal Diseases, the Vice Chairman of Shanghai Medical Association, the Vice Chairman of Shanghai Medical Doctor Association, the director of Center for Pediatric Clinical Quality Control of Shanghai. He is the director of Pediatrics National Teaching Team & National Level Excellent Course. He works as the academic leader of Ministry of Education Key Discipline (Pediatrics) and Fudan University 211 Project, the editor of seven Medical monographs and textbooks such as Clinical Pediatrics. He also serves as the Editor-in-chief of Chinese Journal of Pediatrics and Chinese Journal of Evidence-based Pediatrics.

Wang Ling, female, is a Professor of Public Health at Fudan University and Vice Dean of  Shanghai Medical College,  Fudan University.

Professor Wang graduated from Shanghai Medical University(now called Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University) in 1982. She has pursued an academic career since obtaining the Doctoral Degree of Medical Sciences in 1987 and was promoted a professor of Public Health at Shanghai Medical University in 1993. She also had research training at the Institute of Public Health of Japan in 1989-1990  and  1995-1996 respectively.

Professor Wang has taken administrative responsibilities since 1997 and served as Deputy Director in Dean’s office of Shanghai Medical University from 1997 to 2000, and Vice Dean of the Graduate School of  Fudan University from 2000 to 2012, She held her appointment of  Vice Dean of  Shanghai  Medical  College, Fudan University in 2012  and until now.

Professor Wang undertakes many of positions in academies including Deputy Chief of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Division of the CSADGE(Chinese Society of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education), Deputy Secretary General of the National Steering Committee on Medical Degree Education,  President of the Shanghai Society of Child and Adolescent Health, Member of Council of Shanghai Preventive Medical Association, Deputy  Editor-in-Chief of  Chinese Journal of School Health.  She has published more than 200 academic articles on public health, medical education and health management.

Professor Wang received a number of personal honors like “Outstanding PhD in China” by Chinese Educational Committee in 1991, “ Talented Young Scientist” by Shanghai Youth Union in 1992, “Shanghai Municipal woman pace-setter” by Shanghai Women Federation in 1992, “National Medical Science Star” by  Ministry of Health in 1993, “Shanghai Top Ten Young Science Star” by Shanghai Science and Technology  Committee in 1994  and  “Excellent Student Affair Educator” by Shanghai Educational Committee in 1999. Moreover, she was award “Outstand Contribution Prize” by Chinese Society of Academic Degree and Graduate Education in 2005-2009  and 2010-2013 respectively, as well as “Shanghai Municipal Talent Cultivation Prize” in 2014.

As a project team leader, Professor Wang’s  was awarded “National Educational Achievement Supreme Prize” in 2014 and “Shanghai Municipal Educational Achievement Supreme Prize” in 2013 and “Shanghai Municipal Youth Technology Exposition’s Gold Prize” in 1993.

Zhihong Bao, male,an excellent expert of Science and Technology management, is the Vice Dean of Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University.

After Graduated from Department of Medicine in Shanghai No. 1 Medical College in 1978, Prof. Bao was appointed to the faculty as an assistant professor in Department of Anatomy until 1986 and also served as a lab supervisor.

In 1991, Prof. Bao was promoted to Deputy Director of Department of Science and Technology at Shanghai Medical University (organically called Shanghai No. 1 Medical College). He was responsible for the research management for the whole University. While in 2005, 3 years after Shanghai Medical University and the Fudan University merged, he was appointed to be the Vice Director of Science and Technology Department of Fudan University and took the responsibility of the technology transferring management.

In 2005, he was appointed as vice Dean of Institutes of Biomedical Science, Fudan University (IBS) as well as the general secretary of Party branch of IBS, Fudan university. After 9 years’ arduous efforts, IBS has built up strength in key technological platforms and established international reputation in several research areas.

In 1993, he received his overseas training at NIH, U.S.A, in the field of research funding supervision, which greatly enriched his knowledge and expanded his vision. During his career, He was involved in a number of researches, and obtained 3 invention patents.  He also published 8 academic papers (2 papers were awarded as excellent papers). He was also honored with an official appraisal in 1992 by National Science Foundation of China for his great commitment in science and technology management.

Dr. Jinglin Xia is a Director Doctor, Professor and Ph.D Supervisor engaged in liver cancer study particularly in novel intervention therapeutic techniques along with rich managerial background of hospital management. In 2011 He held an appointment of Vice Dean of Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University in charge of affiliated hospital management.
Dr.Xia received his bachelor degree from Wenzhou Medical College in 1988, and continued his Ph.D study in Shanghai Medical University (now Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University) until 1997 when a Ph.D Degree was awarded, oversea Post-doctor experience at Pittsburg University, US in 2002-2003 further enriched his research career.
Dr.Xia took a stream of administrative responsibilities in Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, which varied from Deputy Director of Medical Affair Department, Human Recourses Department, Executive Director of Outpatient Department, Director of Administration Office, to Assistant President. So far he has published 12 managerial papers in 《Chinese Hospital Management》besides, he took charge of 2 projects of  “Proposal for Healthcare Reform in Shanghai” and “A Study on Business Plan of Shanghai Medical Resources Consolidation”

In addition to his medical service as a senior Director Doctor, He also undertakes undergraduates teaching task quite long, currently 3 Ph.D candidates are under supervision in his research group, 8 medical graduates and 1 Ph.D successfully completed their degrees program. Dr.Xia is also an edit member of a serial of monographs including 《Basic and Clinical Study on Liver Cancer Recurrence and Metastasis》、《Advancement of Contemporary Internal Medicine》and《Hepatobiliary Oncology》.While as an active PI, Dr. Xia was succeed in completion of total 4 Projects subordinated to major research program which were granted by National Science Foundation, Shanghai Municipal Science Foundation and Ministry of Health. His prolific research publications amount to 60 including 24 SCI papers. His was awarded the “First and Third Prizes of Shanghai Municipal Science Progress” and “First and Third Prizes of Chinese Medical” for 6 times respectively.