Office for Medical Planning and Research Administration is an administration department under leadership of Shanghai Medical College. As an outreach of Research Management Office for Science and Technology and Discipline development and planning Office at University, Its work scope focus on 2 main functions:

1. Medical Strategic Planning:

Develop and plan medical strategies, discipline development, senior talent recruitment and faculty development, serves also as a secretariat at of Medical Academic Committee. The Job Description includes:

Medical strategies Development, survey and study on intelligence on medical research frontier worldwide, organizing, coordinating and involving in formulation of medical developing strategic plan.

Discipline development, screening, evaluation and audit of State key and Shanghai key disciplines, it also responsible for planning, organizing, implementing, emulating and audit of “211” and “985”plan with all-through management.

Senior talent recruitment and faculty development. Guided by medical developing strategic plan and faculty developing plan, conduct senior talent recruitment and top talent developing Secretariat of Medical Academic Committee. Under the leadership of director of the committee, it is responsible for organizing regular meeting of Medical Academic Committee base as well as joint meeting and consultant meeting.

2. Medical Research Administration

Perform managerial duty on medical research grant, industrial-funded research project, and interdisciplinary research platform in scientific and standardized approaches, emphasis on integrity, teamwork, sense of service and responsibility to create an operation mechanism that facilitates interdisciplinary research of basic and clinical medicine equipped with translational medicine notion, and push forward medicine and none-medicines interdisciplinary strategy that advance medicine research by taking advantage of synchronization intern of talents, project research output.