Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University has been one of the oldest and most prestigious medical schools in China for a long history. At present, we have 6 first-level disciplines authorized to confer Doctoral Degrees, 68 disciplines authorized to confer Doctoral Degrees, 45 disciplines authorized to confer Master Degree and 7 postdoctoral programs. Currently, Shanghai Medical College has 3283 graduate students of which 1395 is doctoral candidates and 1888 is master candidates.

Committed to exploration and innovation, Shanghai Medical College has been achieving reform of medical graduate education. Every year, we will recruit around 400 doctoral and 700 master excellent candidates though innovative examine-apply methods. Under systemic cultivation mechanism, students are encouraged to gain and generate knowledge by research. During the decade between 1999 to 2012, 12 doctoral students had been selected to receive the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award. Among our graduates, some become the industry leaders, some become the academic leaders and some become the leading talents in hospitals. 

Shanghai Medical College considers the graduate education as its linchpin of building into a world-class and top in domestic medical schools. Our vision is consistently putting “improving graduate cultivation quality” as its core. Our mission is to improve the overall quality of talents, enhance the standard and international competitiveness of scientific research, and strengthen the capability to serve society and national strategy.