Ageing population, emerging infectious diseases, increased awareness of primary care and public health service, heavy demand on the in-patient public hospital services require our doctors to be professionally competent and acquiring communication skills, moralistic standards and sense of social responsibility so as to cater for patients and meet the challenges of robust healthcare system today. The paradigm shift taking place in healthcare delivery requires a fundamentally different approach–and a new breed of physician leaders who can rally around these new requirements.

We nurture our students to provide effective, ethical healthcare, whether as clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, researchers, administrators or policy-makers, encompassing compassion, care and intellectual curiosity alongside didactic and clinical studies.

Our programs attract talented, high-achieving students, who will receive a rounded education that challenges them to appreciate the complexities of medicine from the perspectives of both the patient and the healthcare professional, and to recognize the value of teamwork. They will also be instilled with the values of lifelong learning and community responsibility.

The Faculty now offers nine undergraduate full-time programs to about 2,000 students: Clinical Medicine (8-year curriculum), Clinical Medicine (5-year curriculum), Clinical Medicine (6-year curriculum, taught in English), Basic Medicine, Forensic Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Public Health management, Pharmacy, Nursing.