Professor Anders Gustafsson

KI Dean of Doctoral Education

Associate professor Lars-Arne Haldosen

Director, KI master programs of Biomedicine

16:00-16:05   Introduction by the host

16:05-16:25   Karolinska Institutet: An Ideal Institution of Research Education

Prof Anders Gustafsson, KI Dean of Doctoral Education

16:25-16:45   Global Master’s Programmes at Karolinska Institutet

Associate Professor Lars-Arne Haldosén, Programme Director of Biomedicine Programmes

16:45-16:55   Student admission at Karolinska Institutet

Martin Guss, Admission’s Officer

16:55-17:05   Life at KI - learning medicine from east to west

Frank Chenfei Ning, PhD Candidate at KI

17:05-17:30   Questions & Answers