The University of Otago, founded in 1869 by an ordinance of the Otago Provincial Council, is New Zealand’s oldest university, it provides a research-led learning environment that is second to none with a richly deserved reputation for excellence. In addition to its renowned research strength on Health Science, School of Dentistry is the sole one in New Zealand with top 10 ranking around the world. The partnership with Fudan is being fostered for a long term collaboration based on a 5-year Memorandum of Understanding and Student Exchange Agreement signed in 2010.

This June’s visit to Fudan Medical Campus on 17th Morning by Deputy Vice- Chancellor (External Engagement), Professor Helen Nicholson seemed a promising collaborative opportunities focusing mainly on health science areas. A group of cohorts from Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University got involved during the meeting, the attendees were Prof. Yuehua Liu, President of Shanghai Stomatology Hospital, Prof. Yingyao Chen, Vice Dean of School of Public Health and Asso.Prof. Hongqi Zhang, Department of Anatomy, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Dr.Yanni Lai, Co-Director of Office for Medical Education, and Dr Chouwen Zhu, Director of Office of Foreign Affair, Fudan University. A great many communication and proposal about the undergraduate medical students exchange and physician faculty in dentistry was conceived after a face to face discussion. Both ends are looking forward to the closer tie of scientific collaboration in Medical and health areas to be furthered with more outcomes in near future.

So impressed by the productive meeting, consequently, as a Professor of Anatomy, Dr. Nicholson was happy with a tour to Department of Anatomy right after the meeting, her visit was accompanied by Asso.Prof. Hongqi Zhang who is a senior faculty member of the department, a deep understanding of the facility and research capacity of the Department became manifested by his brief introduction on spot.