Ever since November 2014 Fudan and Wayne State University (WSU) has been engaged in a long term strategic partnership with agreement signed, Institute of Biomedical Sciences of Fudan University (IBS) act as herald of promoting research collaboration with WSU, advancement of the joint research on stem cell is pushed forward on a fast tempo, therefore a conceived joint Laboratory on Stem Cell Translational Research was founded soon, which aims to spawn more original ideas and turn them into research output. The 1st Fudan-Wayne joint colloquia on Cancer Research was organized to celebrate 10th anniversary of IBS in last May, frequent academic exchange comprise a solid starting foothold of Fudan –Wayne partnership.  

On August 29, 2016, Vice President of Fudan University, Dean of Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University, Dr. Yonghao Gui hosted an official meeting in Fenglin Campus of Fudan University to welcome Dr. M. Roy Wilson, President of WSU, Whose mission during his first trip at Fudan University is to confirm and deepen the partnership with Fudan and explore more opportunities in not only research but also medical education program. Involved in the morning meeting, the WSU delegates represented by Dr. Ahmad Ezzedine, Associate Vice President for Educational Outreach and International Programs and Dr. Jianjun Wang, a biologist at WSU. Whilst the leadership from IBS consist of Mr. Zhihong Bao, Dr. Yiwei Chu and Dr. Pengyuan Yang.  

Right after a brief review of two universities’ history and status in quo particularly on Medical Schools in turn by host and visiting president, topic was shifted to exchange ideas on how to align joint efforts to support each other in pursuit of goal of being one of World Class Universities. In case of Fudan-Wayne joint lab, as Dr. Wilson announced, WSU will support by sponsoring part of funding. To foster the joint lab’s strength, high-end positioning strategies has been developed, consensus was reached that the joint lab will focus its research interests on liver cancer study in first place.  

Going beyond the research collaboration, both parties agree on embarking on clinical medical student joint training, clinical rotation at each host university hospitals will be another initiative in the context of collaboration by each medical schools. Moreover, both have stretched out the 2nd Fudan-Wayne Colloquia scheduled in Detroit at Wayne University in next May.  

With a hope to have an in field trip to the Joint Lab, Dr. M. Roy Wilson continued his visit in afternoon at IBS accompanied by the leadership of IBS, much more bright future to looking forward to see as both deeply believe in.