Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center (FUSCC), established in 1931 as Sino-Belgium Radium Institute, is the first comprehensive cancer hospital in China. With a history of over eight decades, the center has earned a trustworthy reputation.

As a grade A tertiary hospital involved in medical services, education, and research, the Center enjoys strong academics and facilities. The Center is honored with 2 key disciplines and 2 key specialties by the state, 3 key disciplines by the Ministry of Health, and 1 key discipline by Shanghai Municipality. It also boasts 3 quality control centers and a good number of the institutes.

Deeply committed to providing better services to the patients and building up its prestige, the Center spares no effort to further explore and create opportunities for collaboration both at home and abroad. Since 2003, it has partnered with the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (USA), the National Health Care Group of Singapore, and the Institute of Gustave-Roussay (France), the Cancer Research Institute of Kanazawa University (Japan), and European Institute of Oncology (Italy). With such international collaboration, the Hospital makes every effort to parallel with those most prestigious institutions in terms of medical services, teaching, and scientific research.

In the past 80 plus years, the Center has been taking initiatives in exploring the cancer in terms of its prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research. The Center promises to practice its motto of “Care, Unity, Realism, Entrepreneurship.”