The Children’s Hospital, now a grade A tertiary hospital under the auspice of the Ministry of Health, was originally founded in 1952 as a result of the merger between the Branch of Ximeng Women and Children’s Hospital, the Department of Pediatrics of the First Hospital of the Red Cross Society of China, and the Department of Pediatrics of Zhongshan Hospital.

Academically, the Hospital has been highly recognized. It boasts a strong staff with 111 professors and associate professors, 23 doctoral advisors, and 35 master advisors. The Hospital, consisting of 43 departments and laboratories, is honored with 5 national key clinical specialties and 4 key clinical disciplines by the Ministry of Health. The Hospital also prides itself on a bunch of other titles and honors. It has been entitled to take the charge of the part devoted to congenital heart diseases and leukemia in the Orientation Program of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Major Diseases in Children funded by the Ministry of Health. It is also accredited with key disciplines in pediatrics, funded by the “211 Project,” and entitled to confer Doctoral Degree and Master’s Degree and to offer post-doctoral positions. Moreover, it is the Chief Commissioner of the Society of Pediatrics of Chinese Medical Association. The Hospital also serves as the standardization training center for the national and local pediatricians and residents.

Actively engaged in academic exchange and cooperation, the Hospital has established partnership with 20 plus medical institutions of high prestige, including the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (USA) and the Children’s Hospital of University of British Columbia (Canada).

The past six decades have witnessed the commitment of the Hospital to the professionalism featuring “Respect, Equality, Passion, Care” and to its motto of “Diligence, Entrepreneurship, Unity, Dedication.” As always, the Hospital promises to provide better and better medical services and build up its prestige by strengthening its culture as embodied by humanity, teamwork, standardization, order, and harmony.