Huadong Hospital was established in 1951 on its predecessor the Country Hospital, which was founded in 1921. Over the past half century, the Hospital has developed itself into a comprehensive grade A tertiary hospital providing health care services predominantly to the cadres. Featuring geriatric medicine, the Hospital integrates health care services, education, scientific research, and disease prevention.

The Hospital consists of 42 clinical departments and laboratories, of which 11 are featured departments. The Hospital boasts 1 national key department (Department of Geriatric TCM) and 1 key department in Shanghai (Geriatric Department). Besides, Shanghai Geriatric Medicine Institute is based in the Hospital.

Experience of medical practice over six decades has been transformed into a good many achievements in basic research and clinical practice that enjoy great prestige at home and abroad. The Hospital, adhering to the strict practice and medical ethics, has been making every effort to implement its strategy of “development upon quality, recognition for services, innovation through science and technology, enhancement by talents.” With a deep commitment to the principle of patient-centered services and its motto of “Dedication, Entrepreneurship, Care, Excellence,” the Hospital also strives to make a big step forward by turning itself into one of the national geriatric centers of and by upgrading its overall strengthen in service, teaching, and research.