Founded in 1907, Huashan Hospital has double identities: one of the major teaching hospital of Fudan University and the General Hospital of the Red Cross Society of China. In 1992, the Hospital was listed among the first grade A tertiary hospitals nationwide.

Its staff totals around 3000, featuring 400 professors or associate professors, 74 doctoral advisors, and 147 master advisors. The Hospital takes particular pride in 1 member of Chinese Academy of Science and 2 members of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 3 grant-winners of the National Science Found for Distinguished Young Scholars of China, 3 members of “QianRen Project”, and 3 chief scientists of the national 973 Program.

The Hospital offers 27 post-doctoral and doctoral programs and 36 master programs. It is also home to 15 standardization training centers for specialty residents. The Hospital yearly grants degrees to 600 graduates and enrolls about 3,000 for continuing education and training.
To get updated and well-informed, the Hospital has established friendship and partnership with the top medical institutions worldwide, including Harvard Medical School (USA), Massachusetts General Hospital (USA), Mayo Clinic(USA), University of Birmingham (UK), Oxford University (UK), Medical University of Vienna (Austria), and Kitasato University (Japan). For the same purpose, the Hospital organizes a series of international academic conferences and funds over 400 person times to attend academic conferences every year.

Throughout its history of over one century, the Hospital has been dedicated to humanity and love, practicing the main principle on which the Red Cross is founded. The Hospital continues to live up to such a mission and strives to build up its prestige worldwide with better services and strengthened hospital culture.