Featuring Level 2 disciplines in medicine, the School of Basic Medical Sciences consists of eleven departments, eight research and teaching units, and an impressive number of key laboratories at various levels. The School has a staff of 336 with 57 professors, 58 associate professors, 60 doctoral advisors, and 48 master advisors. It particularly prides itself upon a set of faculty members of distinction: 1 member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 1 member of state-funded “QianRen Project”, 1 member of state-funded “Youth QianRen Project”, 5 accredited professors of Cheung Kong Scholars Program, 8 grant-winners of the National Science Found for Distinguished Young Scholars of China, 2 members of “QianRen Project” funded by Shanghai Municipality, and 5 members of New Century Talents Project funded by the Ministry of Education.

The School offers 3 post-doctoral positions, 6 doctoral programs in Level 1 disciplines, 16 doctoral programs in Level 2 disciplines, 16 graduate programs, and 3 undergraduate programs. 

Committed to turning students into talents with charismatic leadership, global outlook, humanistic sensibilities, and research capabilities, the School seeks to design and develop curriculum of excellence and spares no effort in succession planning. With such endeavors, the School will further establish itself in the leadership of education in basic medical sciences in China.