Founded in 1936, the School of Pharmacy has develop into one of the most influential one among the peers  in China. It consists of 4 departments, namely, the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, the Department of Pharmaceutical Science, the Department of Pharmacology, and the Department of Clinical Pharmacy. The School enjoys highly recognized academics as evidenced by 1 post-doctoral position, 1 doctoral program in Level 1 discipline, and 7 doctoral and master programs in Level 2 discipline. Besides, the School is honored with 1 key discipline at state level and 1 key discipline at municipal level. It is also entitled as the National Educational Base of Life Science and Technology (biomedicine), and its Laboratory of Smart Drug Delivery is listed among the key laboratories by Ministry of Education and the Army).

The School boasts a strong staff featuring 5 members of “QianRen Project”, three chief scientists of the National Basic Research Program (973 Program), 1 chair professor of Cheung Kong Scholars Program funded by the Ministry of Education, and 2 grant-winners of the National Science Found for Distinguished Young Scholars of China.

Up to now, the School has granted Bachelor’s Degree to about 5,500 people, Master’s Degree to over 600, and Doctoral Degree to over 120. The current students of the School consist of about 100 doctoral candidates, over 200 graduate students, and over 260 undergraduates including international students.

Focusing on basic research in pharmacy and its application, the School devotes itself to developing new drugs with emphasis on new theories, technologies, approaches and products in anti-infection, anti-neoplasm, and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The mission is well supported by such facilities as the Laboratory of Smart Drug Delivery, the Grade 3 Laboratory funded the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Animal Center, and the Instrument Test Center.

Set as its objectives are developing Level 1 disciplines, being listed among the schools offering programs in the key Level 1 disciplines, being established at every step in the drug research and development, and introducing the first-class new drugs. The School, with such efforts in the coming 5 to 10 years, envisions itself leading in the education, basic research and new drug development at home and enjoying a high prestige worldwide.