Funded by the National “985” Project, the Institutes of Biomedical Sciences (IBS) was established in May 2005. The Institute, equipped with laboratories adding up to an area of 4,000 m2, consists of the Epigenetics Research Center, Systems Biology Research Center, Molecular Biology Research Center and Core Facility Platform.

The Institute focuses on translational medicine and aims to promote the connection between life science and medical practice in Fudan University, bridging the basic science and the clinical demands. For that purpose, it has created its unique “sharing system” where the international PI system is adopted and all investigators are entitled to the access to the core facilities. It also takes initiatives in cooperating with all pertinent departments and affiliated hospitals of the University. 

Boasting a strong faculty of 13 academicians, 19 full-time PIs, 7 part-time PIs, 50 double-employed PIs, 20 plus researchers, and 20 plus technicians, the Institute sets as its objective to turn itself into a world-class interdisciplinary biomedical base for major diseases. Integrating basic medicine with clinical medicine and therapeutical medicine with preventive medicine, the Institutes promises to offer solutions to major health conditions.