Funded by the National “985” Program, the Institute of Brain Science (IOBS) was established in 2006. The Institute has been building up its prestige with 25 Principal Investigators (PIs), including 1 member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 10 accredited professors of Cheung Kong Scholars Program or distinguished professors of Fudan University. 

The Institute devotes itself to the cutting-edge research in neuroscience and the education of graduate students. Aiming for an advanced technical platforms centered on brain science, the Institute integrates its on-going projects into neuroscience of the University and takes every opportunity to promote collaboration between scientists and clinicians. Such efforts are made concrete with the establishment of various facilities, namely, the Molecular and Functional Neuroimaging Center, the Animal Behavior Center, the Zebra fish Center, and the Nikon Biological Imaging Center. Equipped with those facilities, the Institute spares no effort in providing the best technical support and services to its own project groups and the biomedical communities and affiliated hospitals of Fudan University.