Originally founded as the Department of Public Health by Professor YAN Fuqing in 1928, the School of Public Health adopted its current name in 1952. Ever since its founding, the School has always devoted itself to educate talents in public health, preventive medicine, and health administration. It has turned out a good number of world-famous scholars and professors working in such fields as the disease prevention, preventive health care, and health policy making. From 2006 to 2011, the School granted Doctoral Degree to 126 people, Master’s Degree to 282, and Bachelor’s Degree to 513. 

The School, among a wide variety of programs at different levels, features 2 post-doctoral positions, 1 doctoral program in Level 1 discipline and 2 programs in Level 2 discipline, 6 graduate programs, and 2 undergraduate programs.

The School now boasts 2 key disciplines, 2 key laboratories funded by the Ministry of Health, 5 institutes and research centers at university level, and 2 collaborative centers with WHO. Besides its cooperation with European Network for Education in International Health (TropEd), the School has also established partnership with many a university worldwide, including Johns Hopkins University  , UCLA, University of Tulane, UIC, University of Hawaii and University of Utah in the USA, University of Sydney and University of Adelaide in Australia, University of Umea in Sweden, and Université de Montréal in Canada. 

To help the University fulfill its strategic objectives and to meet the future challenges, the School endeavors to strengthen itself, to enhance its mission of education, and to put more emphasis on infrastructure. With such efforts, the School  promises to parallel with its counterparts in other universities in the world.





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