Fudan researchers honored with Shanghai S&T Awards

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The 2020 Shanghai Science and Technology Awards honored 26 scientific achievements and distinguished researchers from Fudan University at the awards ceremony held on December 1.

Ge Junbo, one of China’s leading cardiologists at Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, received the top individual award for years of work on pioneering treatments for major cardiovascular diseases.

Zhou Peng, professor at Department of Microelectronics, won the Outstanding Contribution Award in Science and Technology for Youth.

Other honors Fudan has heaped this time include 3 first prizes and 6 second prizes of Natural Science Award, 2 first prizes of Technological Invention Award, 6 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 3 third prizes of Technological Progress Award, and 1 second prize for Technological Popularization Award, renewing Shanghai’s record in terms of the number of first prizes.

Ge Junbo: winner of the Top Individual Award

The Top Individual Award is the highest honor for sci-tech workers in Shanghai, with no more than 2 persons presented with this award each year.

Born in 1962, Ge Junbo received his Ph.D. degree from Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz in Germany in 1993. He is now the director of the Department of Cardiology at Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, director-general of Shanghai Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases and chair of the National Research Center of Radiotherapy and Clinical Medicine. He was elected as Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2011, and a member at large of the World Heart Federation in 2019.

Ge has devoted himself to promoting the innovation of clinical technology and the transformation of scientific achievements of major cardiovascular diseases in China. He was the first to discover the “half-moon phenomenon” of intravascular ultrasound of myocardial bridge, which later became a gold standard for diagnosis of myocardial bridge. The “reverse guidewire technique” Ge invented has become the routine operation of coronary artery CTO lesions. He also created the first “degradable coated stent” for coronary artery in China, which has significantly reduced the incidence of thrombosis in the advanced stage. Ge’s “transapical mitral valve clipping” technique and minimally invasive instrument ValveClamp are important breakthroughs in China as well.

Zhou Peng: winner of Outstanding Contribution Award in Science and Technology for Youth

The Outstanding Contribution Award in Science and Technology for Youth is presented to no more than 10 sci-tech workers under the age of 45 who have made outstanding contributions to basic natural science research, technology development and industrialization, and innovative entrepreneurship each year.

Born in 1979, Zhou Peng, professor at Department of Microelectronics, has long been committed to the research and application of new mechanisms, new materials and new devices of integrated circuits. He has invented a new type of high-speed and non-volatile charge memory and realized high-area-efficiency single transistor logic in situ storage and circuit. He also proposed the Dirac source-FET which breaks the traditional subthreshold amplitude limit, developing the integration technology of logic and storage devices, and providing original technology for the development of high-performance and low-power electronic devices.

Winners of the first prizes of Natural Science Award

Zhang Yuanbo, professor at Department of Physics: “Discovery of High-Mobility Semiconducting Two-Dimensional Black Phosphorus”

Che Renchao, professor at Laboratory of Advanced Materials:“Wideband microwave absorbing materials with adjustable frequency”

Wang Lei, professor at Institutes of Biomedical Sciences:“Genetic studies on disorders associated with abnormal development of human ovum and follicle”

Winners of the first prizes of Technological Invention Award

Wu Limin, professor at Department of Materials Science:“New technology and application of high performance marine coating materials design and preparation”

Yu Jun, professor at Department of Microelectronics:“Technology of FPGA chip with high reliability and 100 million gate level and industrialization”

Zhang Wenhong(left), professor at Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University:“Clinical treatment and diagnosis of COVID-19 and innovative technologies for emergency response”

Zhang Jing(right), professor at Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University:“Establishment and application of clinical evaluation system and key technologies for the treatment of drug-resistant bacterial infection”

Shao Zhimin, professor at Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center:“Research and promotion of molecular typing and precision therapy of breast cancer in China”

Zhao Kuaile, professor at Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center:“Innovation and application of key technologies of esophageal cancer gene profile and chemoradiotherapy in China”

Huang Guoying, professor at Children’s Hospital of Fudan University:“Neonatal congenital heart disease screening system and critical treatment key technology”

Lu Hongzhou, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center (affiliated to Fudan University):“Establishment and application of clinical outcome mechanisms and treatment strategies for COVID-19”。