Welcome to The First “Shanghai Stock Exchange Cup” Shanghai College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Biomedicine Track)

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Gathering in Shanghai, crafting the future, competing in youthfulness. The First “Shanghai Stock Exchange Cup” (SSE cup) Shanghai College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition spans multiple fields and tracks. Under the theme of "Gathering Talents, Pursuing Health", the biomedicine track hosted by Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University welcomes domestic and international teams of college students to lend their expertise across four tracks, encompassing innovative medicine, medical devices, modern healthcare services and medical digitization.

Pioneering New Frontiers in Biomedical Innovation and Industry Excellence

Biomedicine stands as one of the emerging industries of strategic importance, and a powerful engine to drive developing new quality productive forces in Shanghai. The biomedicine track of the First SSE Cup Competition aims to promote the integration of education, science, and talent, as well as the integration of industry and education. It will also stimulate the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of young college students, construct a talent hub for medical and healthcare companies in Shanghai.

College and graduate students in campus or graduated after 2018 are eligible for the competition. Teams winning the grand prize, the first prize, or excellent second prizes will be allowed to participate in the SSE Cup final. To catalyze the transformation of achievements, the track competition provides a series of supporting policies. Award-winning projects will be recommended to medical, academic, industry experts and investors for suggestion and guidance.

Forge Connections, Sustain Innovation, Foster Growth

The track competition is steered by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Municipal Health Commission and Shanghai Medical Products Administration. It is supported by the hospitals affiliated to Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Tongji University, and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Professor Yuan Zhenghong, Vice Chancellor of Fudan University, serves as the director of the organizing committee. The Expert Steering Committee is co-directed by Drs. Fan Jia, Chen Kaixian, Fan Xianqun, and Chen Yihan. All of them are respected members of the Chinese Academy Sciences or Engineering. Committee members also include established biomedicine investigators and clinicians from universities, hospitals, research institutions, industry, and the investment sector.

Three Categories, Four Unit Tracks, Awaiting Your Participation

The competition is structured into three categories: creative group, start-up group, and growth group, targeting unregistered innovative and creative products, start-up projects registered for less than three years, and growth projects registered for three to five years, respectively. Projects in the creative group are expected to demonstrate innovative and creative products with technological innovation achievements or commercial promotion value, which have not yet completed various types of registration, including industrial and commercial registration, by the date of the competition announcement. Projects in the start-up group are expected to present product prototypes or service models displaying notable creativity or a certain level of maturity, having completed various registrations, including industrial and commercial registration, within three years of the competition announcement date. Additionally, the project leader’s equity shall not be less than 10%. Projects in the growth group are expected to demonstrate products and service models with significant technological innovation or maturity, having completed various types of registration, including industrial and commercial registration, within more than three years but less than five years of the competition announcement date. The project should have received no more than one round of institutional or individual equity investment, and the equity of the project leader’s equity shall not be less than 10% in the project’s equity structure.

Aligned with the directions and fields of the projects, participating teams can compete across four unit tracks, emphasizing innovation and advancement in the biomedical industry. These tracks spotlight cutting-edge domains such as new target drugs, high-end imaging equipment, healthcare services and artificial intelligence-assisted drug development, among others.

We express our best wishes to participating teams, encouraging them to illuminate and infuse innovative vigor into the high-quality advancement of the biomedical industry in Shanghai and beyond.

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