Fudan alumnus performs Guinea’s first angiography

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Ibrahima Sory Souareze, a Guinean student who completed his further study at Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University at the end of last year, successfully performed in February a lifesaving neurosurgery aided by digital subtraction angiography (DSA). This marked the first case in Guinea where this imaging technique was used on an operating table.

Souareze was selected for the China-Africa Neurosurgeons’ Training Project and underwent a four-year training program at Huashan Hospital in Shanghai, China. After rotating through 14 neurosurgery sub-specialties and graduating with a specialist certificate in neurosurgery, he returned last December to his post in the Sino-Guinean Friendship Hospital in Guinea where he met a Chinese patient working in Guinea who suffered from dural arteriovenous fistula (DAVF).

The patient, a 47-year-old engineer who came from Shandong, China, already lost consciousness when admitted to the Sino-Guinean Friendship Hospital. His CT scans revealed a left frontal lobe hematoma, and further DSA examination revealed the presence of DAVF.

It is a rare vascular disorder that involves an abnormal connection between arteries and veins within the dura mater. Prompt treatment is essential to preventing serious complications such as cerebral hemorrhage or stroke. Thanks to DSA, Souareze managed to swiftly locate the fistula. He led the team to performe a technically demanding subfrontal craniotomy and sealed the fistula under microscope. The patient has recovered with no complications or neurological deficits after the surgery.

Souareze’s journey from Guinea to China was made possible through the China-Africa Neurosurgeons’ Training Project under the guidance of China’s National Health Commission. After obtaining a doctoral degree from University Gamal Abdel Naser of Conakry in 2016 and receiving 4 years of standardized training as a resident physician at Sino-Guinean Friendship Hospital, in December 2019, Souareze was selected for this training project and came to the Neurosurgery Department of Huashan Hospital for further study.

“I’ve learned so much in one of China’s biggest and best neurosurgery departments,” Souareze said. During the four-year training at Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, Souareze completed 806 DSA examinations, participated in over 2,000 surgeries, published 6 research papers, and participated in various academic exchanges in China.

Prof. MAO Ying and all professors at Huashan Hospital guided Souareze through the whole training process by not only helping him improve his skills and performance, but also giving him the opportunities and courage to try.

“I would like to acknowledge all my mentors whose wisdom has guided my career and without whom I would not have the opportunity to share my experience in Guinea with you today,” said Souareze.

China and Africa have been carrying forward the spirit of strong friendships and bolstering cooperation across the board. Guinea, as the first sub-Saharan African country to establish diplomatic ties with China, is benefiting from cooperative ventures such as the Sino-Guinean Friendship Hospital, where Souareze now contributes his expertise.

“More sub-speciality training for continual learning and growth, innovative and impactful research featuring multidisciplinary collaboration, and high-caliber fellowship programs like the one I attended are really important to the rapid development of the neuroscience and neurosurgery field,” said Souareze. 


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Writer: GONG Jiaxin

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